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The Experience of Music

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We are excited to announce a new music program for children called “The Experience of Music.” This creative and hands-on musical experience will help students explore rhythm, melody, and movement. Children will be introduced to the art of singing, dancing, creating music, a verity of various musical instruments.

Dates: October 9th - December 4th
Meets: Every Tuesday
Time: 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

Price: $75.00 per child
Please make checks payable to Courtney McCrorey.

About Courtney

Courtney McCrorey is a teacher in Primary Room 1 at Abner Montessori School. Courtney has a passion for teaching and music that began at a young age. She is a musician with eighteen years of experience in various instruments. Courtney began to play the saxophone at the age of ten and has learned the piano, drums, and bass guitar. Upon graduating high school, Courtney accepted a music scholarship for college where she participated in a marching band of three hundred fifty members.

Currently, she is the musical director for two churches where she is responsible for their bands and choirs. Courtney is a musician who is eager to share her musical gift with others, especially children. Courtney is excited to combine her love of teaching and music through “The Experience of Music” at Abner Montessori School and Sky After School.